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Join me for an introduction to Qigong Workshop

I will be running 2 workshops one in Canton, Cardiff

Sunday 25th January 10.30-12.00am

Mandayoga Studio
372 Cowbridge Road East
(Behind Tony and Theo’s Barber Shop on Lionel Road),

and one in Gwaelod-y-Garth

Saturday 7th February 14.30-16.00pm

The Village Hall

£7 per person

This workshops are suitable for beginners.

Space is limited so please let me know in advance if you will be attending.

Contact Emma on 0777 915 1916 or
email emma@bringingbalance.co.uk

…… and there will be tea and cake

What is qigong?

Qi is the Chinese word for “life energy”, Qi is the life-force energy that flows through all living things and it is this energy that connects us to nature, to all beings and life on earth.

Gong is the Chinese word for “work” thus Qigong means working with our life-force energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of Qi though simple movements, posture, breathing and awareness to improve the health and harmony of our mind and body.

Why practice qigong?

When we are healthy our Qi is flowing smoothly through our bodies and our energy is clear. Blockages in our Qi can form as a result of illness or emotional trauma and this can cause our Qi flow to become blocked or stagnant. Having a simple daily practice, or going to a class, is a way of working with the energy in and around your body. The art of qigong recognises that daily cleansing of the energy in the body by working with it, keeps the body in balance and removes stagnant energy; it can be thought of in the same way that you wash or shower to clean the physical body, qigong cleans out the energetic body.

Regular Qigong practice can give you:

  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • Better health

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