Sports Shiatsu

zen_as_a_frog-webMany people come to me wanting a deep tissue massage to treat their painful & aching muscles. Can shiatsu do the same thing? I believe that shiatsu can be just as effective if not more so at releasing deep felt tension, both in superficial muscles and on a deeper level within the body.

What is sports shiatsu?
Sports shiatsu has all the benefits of regular shiatsu but with a greater emphasis on dealing with physical muscular tension. Treatments will generally be quite vigorous and energizing, using strong physical pressure applied by feet, knees, elbows and hands, allowing for both a deep physical and energetic connection. Treatments will also include deep stretches, rotations and mobilization techniques, to help open the joints and muscles of the body. Sports shiatsu will work to relax your tight, stiff and fatigued muscles whilst at the same time stimulating the auto-immune system, keeping your body in its optimum state of health and well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally.
How will I feel?
The use of acupressure points and meridian focused body work will produce deep changes in the energy throughout your body helping to eliminate blockages and enhance the energy flow in weak areas thus rebalancing your whole system. Leaving you feeling calmenergised and rejuvenated ready to face the world.
So judge for yourself, come and access that feel good feeling and try a sports shiatsu. If you’re lucky I may even walk on your back!
Each session costs £35 and lasts for between an hour and 1hour 15mins.
As a special introductory offer you can book two treatments for £60.

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