Why I love my moon chart

The moon holds a mystical, magical quality for me, appearing silently in the sky, sometimes there huge, dominating the night, big, bold and illuminating and at other times no where, everything dark and hidden in its absence and then it sneaks into the day visible like a watery ghost in the blue sky.

Ive been making these moon charts since 2010, and I love the way the path of the moon forms a gentle flow of waves across the page. This wave pattern is created by marking the distance of the moon from the earth during its orbit around our planet. The moon travels in an elliptical orbit and thus the distance from the earth varies throughout the lunar cycle. The top of the curve represents the moon at apogee (the furthest point from earth) and the bottom of the curve shows the moon at perigee (when it is closest to the earth). When the moon is at perigee it will appear larger in the sky and have a greater affect or gravitational pull on the earth.

This accounts for super moons (when the full moon appears SUPER big in the sky it is because it is orbiting closer to the earth) Last year we had 3 super moons as the perigee of the moons cycle coincided with the full moon.

This is all very interesting but beyond all the technical stuff I just love the pattern of the wave it forms across the page. It reminds me how the movement of the moon reflects in everything, the tides in the sea, the waves of the ocean, the flow of water within our bodies, the flow of our energy, our emotions, our dreams, ripples on a still pond, musical notes on a page and the vibration that is in everything. To me it reflects our connection to the universe and our inseparableability (great word) from the rest of nature and reminds us to let go and go with the flow.

So if you get a chance this full moon step out and take a deep breath, and a long look and see what it means to you.

If you would like to have one of these A3 beautiful moon charts just let me know and i can send one to you.

£5.00 plus postage and packaging.
I also have a lovely framed version this year for only £15

Contact me Emma on 0777 915 1916

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