qigonglogoQi is the Chinese word for “life energy”, Qi is the life-force energy that flows through all living things and it is this energy that connects us to nature, to all beings and to life on earth.

Gong is the Chinese word for “work” thus Qi Gong means working with our life-force energy, learning how to control the flow and distribution of Qi though simple movements, posture, breathing and awareness to improve the health and harmony of our mind and body.


When we are healthy our Qi flows smoothly through our body and our energy is clear. Blockages in our Qi can form as a result of poor habits, illness or emotional trauma and this can cause our Qi flow to become blocked or stagnant. Having a simple daily practice, or going to a class, is a way of working with the energy in and around your body. The art of qigong recognises that daily cleansing of the energy in the body by working with it, keeps the body in balance and removes stagnant energy; it can be thought of in the same way that you wash to clean the physical body, qigong cleans out the energetic body.

1620564_10152559965736733_5326848529148566371_nThere is a long list of health benefits, which can be achieved from a regular practice of qigong such as;

  • Lowered stress levels
  • Improved brain functioning,
  • Pain relief
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Lowered risk of heart disease
  • Improved lung capacity,
  • Improved sense of balance,
  • Improved sexual function,
  • Strengthen and tone muscles
  • Help the body to heal from injury
  • Support the body to fight off pathogens such as seasonal colds

For me it is more simple than this, qigong helps me to feel good, to feel at peace and to feel connected to something much greater than just me. When we feel good our body feels good and our stresses, illnesses and diseases become more manageable and easier to be with.


When I practice qigong I feel more relaxed and at the same time connected to everything that is around me. Physically it helps me to release tension and gives me more awareness of my body, alerting me to when I am straining or pushing myself unnecessarily. It helps me to stay in the flow and gives me a greater sense of peace in my body.

I have always loved being outdoors being immersed in nature and the elements. One of my great passions is surfing and for me qigong gives me the same feeling of flow, of connection to the universe as when Im surfing that perfect wave, in that moment the wave and I are the same, every drop of the ocean is connected to every cell in my body I am inseparable from the wave. Qigong is for me about being in this flow that perfect moment when all else disappears.


Practicing qigong regularly gives me a feeling of health and wholeness, a feeling I would like to share.


I run a regular class on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons

Monday evenings in The Sunhouse – 6-00pm to 7.15pm

Session price: £7

A lovely class for beginners and more experienced students taking place by the warm log fire of the sunhouse

The Sunhouse, 8 Georgetown, Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff. CF15 9HF

Wednesdays 1-2pm in Pentyrch Village Hall, Cardiff

Session Price £7 (or £30 for 6 sessions)

I will be starting a new 6 week course from 24th January 2018

In these classes I will be sharing a number of short Qigong practices including the Shibashi (Set one) Tai Chi/Qi Gong form as well as the healing form, breath work and meditations.

One to One sessions

If your unable to get to a class but would like to experience the healing power of qigong, I offer one to one personal sessions tailored to your needs; available at £30 per hour


 “The purpose of Qigong is not to become proficient at Qigong, but to become expert at being more fully who you are.” 

Kenneth Cohen: The Way of Qigong

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