about-bannerhome imagesI am a Qigong teacher and massage therapist offering treatments in Shiatsu, meridian massage and deep tissue sports massage aimed to help bring balance to your body and mind. My treatments help to promote deep relaxation and are focused on relieving symptoms of pain and tension, leaving you feeling more centered, grounded and at peace within your body.

My treatments are caring and healing and will promote a feeling of wellbeing, which will have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Having a treatment can help provide the support we need to restore balance to our body and mind, so we can get back into the flow of life enabling us to feel more positive and alive in each and every moment.


about-imgMy goal is to help empower people to become aware of their own healing process, to bring into consciousness the effects of everyday choices to enable them to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. When we are feeling out of sorts with aches, pains or sickness, we need to pay attention to these signs and find out what our body is trying to tell us. By fully listening to our body’s messages we are a step closer to transform them into life force, vitality and creative energy.

I have a keen interest in sports and creative movement and regularly practice Surfing, Swimming, Yoga, Capoeira, Dance and Qigong. These activities have lead me to develop a deep interest in body work and body awareness and the importance of balance, flow and rhythm to create a sense of peace within the body.

My treatments offer a creative, intuitive approach to bodywork and the healing process. Through my treatments I connect with the body’s natural intelligence and rhythm and listen deeply to the messages the body is trying to convey.

I am greatly inspired to work with the Earth energies around us to help us foster a greater connection with our natural environment so that we can get back in touch with our natural strength and energy leaving us feeling happy and healthy and in harmony with the world around us.


I am an experienced Shiatsu practitioner with a diploma in Shiatsu from the Shiatsu Society after completing a three year training course at the Bristol School of Shiatsu. I am also a Member of the Professional Register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS).

I am a certified Qigong Teacher with a diploma in Qigong Teaching from The Shiatsu College.

I am also an experienced massage therapist with an SPS diploma in Sports massage accredited by the Sports Massage Association (SMA).

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