“Thank you,  for a most wonderful experience yesterday. The meridian massage was such a ‘complete experience’ in more ways than one; for me, it incorporated physical, mental and spiritual… a complete MOT so as to speak!!”

“A massage with Emma was just what i needed. It is amazing at helping me relax and feel like I can face the world again more energized and full of life. A welcome break for my body from the hecticness of modern life”

Holly Davey


“Emma’s shiatsu is truly amazing. I can always feel the deep relaxation, the sensation of being able to let go and just be. Her touch is compassionate and understanding, generous and peaceful, time and place loose their relevance. Apart from her excellent skills of dealing with imbalances of the body-mind and by inviting transformation to take place, her treatments always make me feel coming home to myself and at the same time being open to the interconnectedness of all beings. Thank you, Emma!”



“I have been a long time pad3sufferer of lower back pain, as the result of a physical job and high impact sports. As this was left unchecked it resulted in me being bedridden and unable to work for a number of weeks. Since having sports massage with Emma, I have experienced a better quality of life both in work and in my sports activities. Regular sessions have allowed me to pursue an active lifestyle, particularly in the winter months when I would have been more prone to injury. I cannot recommend it enough…plus you smell great afterwards.”

Tim Bromage


“Meridian Massage a fantastic treatment! Gentle and powerful. I loved how Emma concentrated on my problem area and kept body warm through the massage. The pain I’ve had from weeks on my shoulder relived straight away and became so much better afterwards. Really grateful, thank you for an amazing treatment. Highly recommended”

Eniko Benedek

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